Tune-Ups          $25 -195

We offer a variety of tune-up packages to keep your bike in top notch shape. Our lighter packages are great for the annual check up and fine adjustments and our larger options will get your barn find restored like new. Bring your bike on by for a free estimate.


Individual Repairs          $5 - 60

Whether your brake is rubbing, your tire has gone flat or you need another small repair we are here to help. Even if you're not sure what's wrong but you know you bike isn't riding quite right, bring your bike in and we can help diagnose and repair the problem.



Don't worry about your bike being too old or too high tech for our mechanics. We are continuously pursuing our mechanical education so we are up to date on modern BB standards, suspension overhauls and hydraulic brake options. We also have drawerfuls of loose ball bearings and can bring your old wheels back into round.


Fitting/Ergonomics          $30 -180

Bikes and their parts come in a range of sizes, just like people. Your bike may be uncomfortable or even painful to ride but it doesn't have to be that way. There is so much adjustment built into your bike and we can help get you into a comfortable and efficient riding position. We stock many ergonomically designed components and a wide variety of stem and handlebar options to get you riding comfortably quickly.


Suspension Work          $40 -150

Your suspension needs regular maintenance. Don't wait until a problem arrises to have your fork or shock serviced. We provide all service intervals and offer full tuning. Have you ever had your fork tuned to you and your riding style? Come on by and we'll get you and your shocks all set up.


Customization          $90 - up

Your bike should be yours! Not everyone can find a stock bike that fits their needs or desires. We are here to help.



Sometimes bikes are ugly colors and that's a tragedy. We have a huge color book so no matter if you want to restore an original color or find a new one we've got you (well actually your bike frame) covered. Our service includes all sandblasting and prep work as well as the color application of your choice.