Winter Storage


Why would you keep your bicycle outside in all the nasty that a midwest winter brings? We know you love your bicycle, but keeping it in your apartment while there is snow on the ground really just isn’t rational.  This year let Buckskin keep your ride safe and dry.  Our packages start at just $30.  You haven’t made such a safe investment since you bought your bike in the first place.


Storage options are available from the first week of December through

the first week of March. All bicycles will be held in a secure and weatherproof location.  The space in not unlimited though so if you want in let us know now!

email –

call – 765.889.BIKE

Package A – $30 – You bring your bike to us, drop it off at the shop during the first week of December and we’ll hold it until the weather turns.

Package B –  $40 – We keep you bike just as safe but make the process even more convenient by coming to pick up your bike from you.

Package C – $50 – Not only will we come pick up your bicycle and keep in out of the weather but we will give it our Standard Tune-up in the spring so when it gets dropped back off on your doorstep in the spring it will be ready to ride.