We’ve been working real hard in the shop to get the stuff ya’ll want in stock and ready to go on top of working on our regular service and repair work. But, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working like dogs to get the shop looking like we actually know what we’re doing instead of looking like a bunch of bikes thieves. So here are a couple pictures of the new additions to the shop cosmetically and structurally just to show off our handyman skills…

Here’s the new workstation bench




…and the view from the right…




The new workstation is for everyone who bought the season-long membership with Buckskin to use. It’s only a $20 fee and you get the next 3 months as well as access to all of the tools and some consultation if you need it!

Next we have to show off some slatwall and our new Burro Bags/United State of Indiana display…





…it isn’t much but it sure gives the shop a good feel! Not to mention we are super stoked to be carrying Burros; a company out of Jacksonville who hand stitches their bags will only the best American made material! It’s been cool to watch the shop transform from a run down dog cage (not an exaggeration…there was dog poop on the floor) to what it is now.

So we hope you like it because it’s the only shop we got!

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